CS Education group has developed into a sophisticated and personalised education system to cater for all aspects of student learning.


We are the first company to develop the innovative Optical Marking Recognition (OMR) software. Our OMR software has revolutionised the Marking Process.


Learning Management System is a smart tool which integrates personalised  features and multimedia that assist students’ learning anytime, anywhere.

Australia No. 1 Education Group

CS Education Group

CS Franchise

Look for other CS Education colleges across Sydney in the near future and CS Online Schools overseas as we take our methods to other markets.

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CS Education

CS Education is a well-established college that has provided comprehensive coaching and tutoring services to students.

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CS Edu U

CS Edu U understands everyone has different strengths and weakness and a range of skills that are used in different situations.

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CS Institute Australia

The CS Institute Australia develops and delivers courses that teach relevant working skills and provide the best practice training.

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CS Online School

CS OnLine School is an Internet based learning service that employs modern technology to add convenience to learning

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Personal Advantage

Our PA+ Tutoring Program empowers students to learn from our expert teachers. No other tutoring service offers what PA+ provides students.

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CS Digital Publishing

We offers our customers the very best in digital publishing. Our digital publishing network has played a great part in the success of CS Education group.

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Connected School

Connected School provides various educational classes and tests which students can access whenever and wherever they want.

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Writing School

Writing School meets a number of educational requirements, including links to the curriculum core standards taught across Australia.

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OmniAll has brought innovation to the education industry. We have developed our unique LMS and Marking System.

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