The NAPLAN test

The NAPLAN test closely follows the school syllabus as it focuses on what has been achieved by students according to knowledge and skills taught by the syllabus. The results from the test are used by the education authority and schools to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the state’s syllabus. Students who achieve a high result in the NAPLAN test have an excellent grasp on literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills. However, NAPLAN tests are not aptitude or intelligence tests.

On the other hand, the Selective Schools test resembles more closely an intelligence test as the aim of the test is to distinguish the bright students. Thus, the questions in the Selective Schools test are much more difficult and involve a much higher level of problem solving skills. There will be questions in the Selective Schools test that are beyond the school syllabus, requiring students to have studied at a higher level.

Although the NAPLAN test is still a good indicator of a student’s grasp of literacy and numeracy knowledge and skills according to the syllabus, it is not indicative of a student’s ability and performance in the Selective Schools test. Thus, parents should not rely heavily on the student’s results in the NAPLAN Test when assessing their child’s real capability.