Type of Assessment

Assessment is at the heart of a successful curriculum and is a essential part of good teaching and learning.

Diagnostic Assessment

It tells us about your current ability. We use it to diagnose future educational needs. Following initial diagnostic assessment we consult with your parents to decide together on a course of study.

Formative Assessment

It takes place week by week during a course and from it we can check your understanding of what has been taught. CS Education staff constantly monitoring ongoing results in order to check progress and understanding. We encourage students to complete homework online because the online results show immediately whether or not the student has understood the topic and any necessary remedial action can take place immediately.

Summative Assessment

It enables us to check a student’s improvement in knowledge and ability at the end of a period. Our Class tests are computer marked and a detailed analysis of each student’s performance is supplied to the parents at the end of each term.

  • The learner is at the heart of assessment.
  • Assessment is an essential part of good teaching and learning.
  • Assessments recognise strengths and areas for development and identify ways for learners to make progress.
  • Make a judgement at the end of term and key stages(levels).
  • Identify target levels, expected(average) levels, and compare the achieved level of attainment by the student at the end of term and key stages(levels).
  • Encourage the student’s progress.
  • Enables learners to recognise achievement and make progress.
  • Enables teachers to shape and adapt their teaching to individual needs and aspirations.
  • Provides a detailed individual picture of learner’s strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Track pupil’s progress
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