CS Education history

In 2002 Testimony and Phoebe Kim commenced a coaching college in Castle Hill. They specialised in the preparation of students for OC and Selective School exams and quickly established a reputation for success in this field. The college developed and other courses were added so that all ages from K – HSC were covered.

  • 2002

    Start with coaching and tutoring

    CS Education Pty. Ltd is established at 2002. The first CS Education Campus is opened in Castle Hill, Sydney. Also we begins publishing lesson books.

  • 2003

    first employees

    In 2003, an alliance was formed with Cornerstone Bookshop and this developed into a Specialist Educational Bookshop supplying all manner of educational books to other colleges as well as the shop. Over the next two years the Kims purchased Cornerstone Bookshop and further expanded the sales of educational books.

    As the college grew in size [now around 400 students] it was necessary to develop more of our own teaching materials to satisfy our need.

  • 2006

    Blended Learning is launched

    CS Education group has developed into a sophisticated and personalised education system to cater for all aspects of student learning.

  • 2007

    Research and Development Department

    Early in 2007 it was decided to bring together the activities of the coaching college, the bookshop, and the growing curriculum research and development department.

  • 2014

    OMR System

    We have brought innovation to the education industry. We have developed our unique Marking System.

  • 2015


    Our Learning Management System (LMS) has introduced innovations to learning and teaching. LMS is a useful tool that assists students in learning significantly.

  • 2016

    Connected School is launched

    Connected School provides various educational classes and tests which students can access whenever and wherever they want. Students can purchase online tests and lessons, and can access each item as many times as they wish for a certain period of time, allowing them to thoroughly understand and comprehend its contents.

  • 2016


    Writing School meets a number of educational requirements, including links to the curriculum core standards taught across Australia, as well as many of the standard educational requirements taught in USA, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and several other English speaking countries.

  • 2017

    Total of 22 campuses were opened

    Our successful model of coaching and learning has satisfied students and parents a great deal. That satisfaction has created a great demand for CS Education system in the education industry. We are already operating 22 branches successfully.

  • 2018

    Victoria campus is opened

    We are already operating 23 branches successfully, including one franchise in VICTORIA.

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