All students, whether in college or online, need to take an assessment test before they can be accepted. This is to ensure that they are capable of doing the work that will be required of them during the course.

After consulting with the parents and deciding together on an appropriate course of study, students will join either

  • CS Education for small group classes in college
  • CS Education as an external student
  • CS Online School for e-learning.

All students receive all necessary lesson books and can use other college facilities, such as the Homework Help class, a free class enabling students to receive additional assistance from a tutor.

We encourage reporting to parents, and our own computerised marking system produces detailed analyses of results for all tests. Results of online tests are available immediately after completion of the test on the website together with a detailed analysis of the student’s results and a ranking against other students taking the same test.

We enjoy a long term relationship with most of our students. After commencing to study with CS Education they become accustomed to excellent results in their school work and are motivated to continue that success.

We use a computerised marking system to assist with assessment of all test results.

This produces a detailed print-out for each student showing that student’s mark, percentage mark, and rank in the class for each test.

In addition the print-out shows the correct answers for the test and a very detailed analysis of performance for each subject tested.

Only CS Education offers this unique on/offline integrated education system. CS Education is the leading college for primary and high school coaching and testing, both in college and on the internet.

A total education compay.

At CS Education we are careful to offer ‘the right tutoring at the right level’.
In practice this means that following an assessment test a student will be placed in one of four levels in each grade.
Later test results and evaluations of performance may lead to a review, and possibly a move to a different level. Thus a student is always being tutored at the correct level.

Blended Learning

  • Class Learning
  • e-Learning
  • Writing School
  • Personal Advantage Course


Blended Testing

  • Class Test
  • e-Test
  • Question Bank


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