A 21st century education must be tied to outcomes pertaining to proficiency in core subject knowledge and skills that are expected and highly valued in schools.

Learning at CS Education is set within the framework and expected outcomes of four core subjects: Writing, English, Mathematics and General Ability. The core skills tested within these core subjects are as follows:

  • Writing examines student’s Creative Writing
  • English examines student’s Reading Skills
  • Mathematics examines student’s Mathematical Reasoning Skills
  • General Ability examines student’s Thinking Skills



These are designed to rapidly bring a student up to the standard required to succeed in our comprehensive courses. They include:

  • Essay Writing
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Maths Booster
  • Thinking Skills

Special courses in each school holiday enable students to improve in a particular area, prepare for a forthcoming test or learn an entirely new skill [Public Speaking, Drama].


We make sure that they are competent essay writers, able to read and comprehend texts of all types and confident in spelling, punctuation and grammar. Vocabulary is strengthened, in application as well as understanding. Students also begin to learn the fundamentals of textual analysis and they begin to develop a formal literary terminology. The lesson book supplied covers all these matters. Students are also expected to complete homework, usually the planning and/or writing of an essay related to the topic taught in class.

In Mathematics all topics in the NSW curriculum are taught and class tests, homework and constant evaluation of results ensures that each student’s progress is closely monitored. The Lesson and Homework books supplied complement one another and the homework reinforces the topic taught in class. Provision is made for students to work at different levels, however the aim of the course is to prepare students for the Stage 5.3 advanced course to be taken in years 9 and 10.

The aim of the Science course in Years 7 and 8 is to provide a grounding in the subject. Science is a compulsory subject in the School Certificate. This course in years 7 and 8 will touch on a wide variety of subjects, providing a solid foundation for the Year 9-10 course.

Year 9 & 10 English course is designed to complement and extend the requirements of the NSW Board of Studies English Syllabus, Stage 5, as well as developing a firm foundation for senior literary studies. In each unit of work students improve their analytical and creative composition skills through examining a broad variety of texts, both written and visual.
Students need to demonstrate to examiners their understanding by providing well written answers in every subject. In the English course we ensure that they can do this. Competence in the use of English leads to better understanding and better essays in every subject. Skill in the use of English leads to better results in most other subjects.

Our course for Years 9 & 10 is based on the NSW Board of Studies Stage 5.3 [Advanced] Syllabus and is a two-year course specifically designed to provide the best grounding for Stage 6 Mathematics at the senior level. Lesson and homework books are graded to allow for different levels of ability. The course can be tailored so that exceptionally competent students are always challenged by new concepts and more difficult work.
After satisfactorily completing this course a student should be able to cope comfortably with the Preliminary Extension 1 course.

The Science course in years 9 and 10 includes more challenging topics and examines those topics in greater detail. Our aim is that every student should excel in the compulsory year 10 School Certificate exams and be ready for the Preliminary course in any of the science subjects.

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