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Connected School

We provide various educational classes and tests which students can access whenever and wherever they want. Students can purchase online tests and lessons, and can access each item as many times as they wish for a certain period of time (usually 90 days), allowing them to thoroughly understand and digest its contents. This helps them review what they have learned at school or at our coaching college, and ensures they memorise the important points of each class. Students can enrol in a variety of online programs, including our comprehensive assessment test, our Basic Skills Trial Test, our OC and Selective School Trial Tests and various class lesson and tests. Students receive immediate results and detailed answer sheets as soon as they finish the exams.

No other tutoring service offers what Connected School provides you. Connected School Tutoring Program empowers student to learn from our expert teachers.

Connected School Learning Benefits

  • All materials and tutorial help
  • Online lectures – see the lesson taught as if you were in the classroom
  • Online homework with immediate results and review of answers
  • Marking of any writing exercises
  • Regular topic tests and class tests
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Homework help class either online or in college


Connected school has developed into a sophisticated and personalised education system to cater for all aspects of student learning.


We provide best class of learning material and curriculum. We offer ‘the right tutoring at the right level’ with an innovated on/offline integrated blended learning system. We select and train the most dedicated and intelligent tutors to maintain an extremely high standard of tuition.


how can we help you?

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