OC Guide

OC Guide

The Opportunity Class system in New South Wales, whilst not perfect, allows the children who will benefit from it the opportunity to continue their education in a school where academic excellence is expected and encouraged.

These parents need help to understand how the educational system, and particularly the Opportunity Class system, works. Frequent queries include how to apply for the most suitable Opportunity Class so that there is a higher success rate for their child and how best to help their children prepare for the Opportunity Class Placement Test to ensure success.

Although there are many books available in the market to assist parents in choosing an Opportunity Class or helping students prepare for this exam, such books are not comprehensive enough as no one book contains all the necessary information. Hence, it has become obvious to me that there is an urgent need for a book that brings together all the relevant information that parents need to know. Such information includes the following:

  • Explaining the education system in New South Wales
  • Describing the Opportunity Class system
  • Choosing the most appropriate Opportunity Class
  • Applying for the most suitable Opportunity Class
  • Preparing students for the Opportunity Class Placement Test
  • Maximising the chances of success for students in the examination

Thus, what this book seeks to do is to address all the issues mentioned above so that with a better understanding and more informed guidance of the system, parents can make the best decisions for their children, ensuring a better success rate for them in the Opportunity Class Placement Test as well as securing a place in the most appropriate Opportunity Class. I believe that parents will find this book, The Complete Guide to Opportunity Classes and the Opportunity Class Placement Test, useful and most timely.