Year 4 ME

Year 4 ME

CS Education Primary English Lesson Books have been prepared to reflect the Australian Curriculum which is designed to support 21st century learning.

Essential Mathematics syllabus identifies essential knowledge, skills and understanding of mathematics. The book is designed taking into account the diverse needs of all student to provide continuity of study and to ensure successful transition through all stages in learning mathematics.

There are five
content strands:

  • Number
  • Patterns
  • Data
  • Measurement
  • Space and Geometry

In each of the strands, particular aspects of students’ mathematical learning and understanding are developed. The basic concepts are covered thoroughly in each unit and each unit is intended to build student confidence and develop a positive attitude towards mathematics through experiencing success in completing the carefully graded practice exercises.

Basic Concepts + Examples + Practice Exercises

Essential Mathematics is prepared with a very structured and clear idea of the syllabus. It is an invaluable source which will provide the foundation of Mathematics. Students who wish to achieve confidence and success should:

  • understand all the basic mathematical concepts and steps taken in each unit.
  • practise consistently by applying the mathematical concepts and rules learnt.
  • attempt more practice exercises on difficult areas to understand and eliminate errors.

Essential Mathematics ensures that students learn to describe and apply basic mathematical concepts, reason and solve problems, calculate accurately and interpret information.