Year 5 MX-E

Year 5 MX-E

Enrich Maths is designed to develop and enrich students’ problem solving skills.
It further reinforces students’ mathematical concepts, encourages flexibility of thinking
and tackling challenging problems that will broaden and enrich students’ learning in

There are five content strands:

  • Number
  • Patterns
  • Data
  • Measurement
  • Space and Geometry

The comprehensive graded problem solving exercises are divided into different level of difficulty to provide a systematic development of problem solving and mathematical ability.

Challenging problem solving tasks with average difficulty to reinforce concepts and skills.

More challenging problem solving tasks to develop students’ problem solving strategies and extend their mathematical insight, ability and logical thought.

Very challenging problem solving tasks to further enrich and develop students’ mathematical insight, ability and logical thought.

Enrich Maths is an excellent material for mathematical development at different levels to meet student interests and also to stimulate student development in other areas of mathematics. Students’ mathematical understanding will be enhanced through the different ways of applying mathematics to real situations and problems in other key learning areas.